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1 for 1 by Raquel on 05/09/2018


Love this Energy drink by Roberto Cialy on 05/09/2018

This is my all time fave energy drink that tastes like a fruit punch!

SALE by Sue on 11/21/2017

1-for-1 sale is worth it

Buy 1 get 1 free by Sal on 11/21/2017

Great sale for Kronenbourg!!

1-for-1 is super cheap! by Kenneth Tan on 11/21/2017

Best buy 1 get 1 free ever.

1-for-1 is super cheap! by Kenneth on 11/21/2017

Best buy 1 get 1 free deal ever

Great service by Ms. Peta on 09/09/2015

Thank you for delivering so fast! A great service.

Great prices! by Bradley on 09/08/2015

Keep up the prices! Love it that you're cheaper than supermarkets

Honey vodka by Winnie Pooh on 09/08/2015

Taste exactly like manuka honey with a vodka kick! Highly recommended

Premium vodka by Benny on 09/08/2015

One of the nicest looking bottles around. Very smooth vodka. Thanks for the recommendation.

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